Hearing Aids in Water?

Written by Jonathan Stokell
September 27, 2022

Like anything electronic, hearing aids are susceptible to damage from moisture and water. 

Unfortunately, exposing your hearing aids to moisture isn’t something that can always be avoided… Humid weather, rain, skin oil, and sweat are things we can’t do much about and are all things that can hurt your hearing aids! Our Audiology practice is based in the beautiful town of George, but unfortunately we have a lot of moisture in the air. Therefore, moisture damage is a common problem for our patients.

More serious damage can also happen if your hearing aids are submersed fully in water. Sometimes our hearing aids accidentally get wet through getting in the shower or jumping in the swimming pool. 

Damage due to moisture and water can result in permanent damage to your hearing aids. This damage can sometimes be repaired; however, serious water damage is often irreparable and your hearing aids may need to be replaced. This can be expensive, and it is always recommended to insure your hearing aids for these unforeseen situations.

What to do?

To avoid damage due to moisture, place your hearing aids in a drying container or automatic drying unit. Don’t store them in the bathroom! If your hearing aids get wet, it is important to take them off, switch them off, and contact your nearest Audiologist. 

You can purchase a dehumidifying case or automatic drying unit for your hearing aids from our Audiology practice in George. These drying systems are designed to remove small amounts of moisture from your hearing aids on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these systems are not designed to repair damage from serious water exposure. We service most brands of hearing aids and may be able to have your hearing aid repaired if moisture damage occurs. 

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Have your hearing aids ended up in the swimming pool or shower?

Hearing Aids in Water