Hearing Aid Myths

Written by Jonathan Stokell
September 21, 2022

Considering a hearing aid and you live in George? Many myths about hearing aids can make people uninterested in pursuing them. Here are some common misconceptions about hearing aids that we can prove are wrong:

1) They’re uncomfortable.

If your hearing aids are uncomfortable, we can fix that by changing something about how the hearing aids physically fit in your ears! There are many standard and customized options that can be used to make your hearing aids more comfortable.

2) Your hearing aid makes you look old.

Hearing aids are so small and inconspicuous that most people wouldn’t even notice you’re wearing them. We put a large focus on making sure your hearing aids are suited for your needs. Cosmetic looks are always taking into consideration. Remember, saying “what” or “huh” over and over is what really can make you look old!

3) A hearing aid is big and clunky.

While hearing aids from 15-20 years ago may have been large and obvious, advances in technology have meant that hearing aids can be very, very tiny! Many hearing aids are less than an inch long and sit behind your ear so that they can’t even be seen! Hearing aids also come in various colour options for you to choose from (we can make the hearing aids even more invisible by matching colours to your hair).

4) Hearing aids make everything louder.

Entry level hearing aids, and older hearing aid models struggle to remove background noise interferences. However, new advancements in technology allows for the hearing aid to automatically focus on the sounds that you want to hear. This makes hearing friends and family a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable!

We are happy to dispel any other myths you may have heard about hearing aids!

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An outline of hearing aid myths and truths in bullet form.

Hearing Aid myths and truths