Tips for Tinnitus

Written by Jonathan Stokell
December 1, 2022

Many people suffer from tinnitus. Here are some tips for Tinnitus management!

Tinnitus is the perception of a ringing or knocking sound in one or both ears without the presence of an outside source. For some people, the constant ringing can make it difficult to sleep and can be overwhelming when awake. As a result, the quality of life for many people with Tinnitus is reduced.

Unfortunately, there is no magic cure for most cases of tinnitus. There are ways that we can control our Tinnitus. Tips for Tinnitus control include:

Firstly, as Audiologist, we investigate the following METHODS to help control our Tinnitus (this can vary per patient):

Hearing aids, sound generators, audiobooks, relaxation, positive mind sets, healthy diets and good sleep habits.

Secondly, it is important to know how our brains categorize sounds. We place sounds into three main categories:

1– Positive Sounds

E.g. a family members voice that comforts you.

2- Negative Sounds

E.g. a sound that indicates danger.

3- Neutral Sounds

E.g. the sound of an airconditioner in the background

Finally, we use our METHODS above in order to turn your Tinnitus from a negative sound (one that creates distress) to a neutral sound (that is non existent in the background).

EXAMPLE: Imagine you are asleep in bed and you hear a banging on the window. Immediately, your levels of alertness, fear and distress increase. (Negative Sound)

When you go to check the window, and you identify that it is just a tree branch knocking on the window (no threat). Immediately your body is less panicked, and you are able to go back to sleep with no worries. (Neutral Sound)

The same applies for our Tinnitus. We need to help train our brain to eliminate the threat of a negative sound and identify it as a neutral sound that is in the background. An Audiologist should always be involved in this process.

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Coping with your Tinnitus