Hearing Aids and Phones

Written by Jonathan Stokell
November 17, 2022

Hearing Aids and Phones

Do you have trouble hearing when using your hearing aids and cell phones?


If it is an issue with a cell phone, the first thing to check is to see if your hearing aids have Bluetooth capability that would allow calls to be streamed directly to your hearing aids from your cell phones. Depending on the age of the devices, an adapter may be needed (we can help you with that!). If your hearing aids are compatible with your cell phone, we are able to connect them directly together. Therefore, you will hear your phone calls directly into your ears!

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No Bluetooth?

Do you struggle on landline telephones or are your hearing aids not compatible with your phone? Here are a few other tips if you are having an issue hearing with a landline telephone, or if your hearing aids and cell phone are not compatible with Bluetooth streaming:

1- Putting the phone on speakerphone will allow you to use both ears (and both hearing aids!) to hear the call. You are able to make the phone calls louder on speaker phone. It is important to ensure that you take phone calls over speaker phone in private to avoid strangers listening in.

2- If speakerphone is not an option try raising the phone up a little higher so that the speaker of the phone is hovering over your hearing aid instead of your ear canal. The hearing aid picks up sound from its microphones, and these microphones are located at the back of the ear. Therefore, holding the phone against your ear canal won’t provide any benefit. Holding your hearing aid higher up will help the hearing aid to better amplify the call!

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Hand holding hearing aid

Struggling over the telephone with your hearing aid?